More Marvellous Work!

Here is today’s instalment of work sent to me by our pupils. Thank you! I’m so impressed and it brightens up my day. Keep them coming. You can send photos or samples of work to your class teacher or directly to me at

First up is Shauna Novakova who created this beautiful Spring flower.

Adele Ryan has been experimenting with different art forms

Karlo built this farm out of Lego.

Kayla Coman drew this Easter Egg.

Louise and Cathal did the floating balloon experiment as seen on RTE’s School Hub programme on Monday.

6th Class have been learning about Mahatma Gandhi and the girls created these comic strips to tell his life story.

Caroline has been drawing with the help of the famous Don Conroy. This is her masterpiece!

And Finally, Aoife created this wonderful creature!




Well done to all our pupils who are making such wonderful efforts to continue their learning at home. Here are some photos of the children’s work which is just amazing!

Thanks also to all the parents out there who are working so hard to help their children at this time! Remember we are here if you need us – but it looks like you are doing just fine!!

This Junk-Art piece was created by Lamisah in 5th Class
Paulina in 5th Class did this project on Great Britain.
Some of the amazing jigsaws completed by students in 6th class – 1000 pieces!!
Artwork created by a very talented Sarah Broderick – Wow!
Tiana Ryan created this Storyboard which
shows that she really is a Smartie!
Emily Gleeson made these Blueberry Muffins – Yummy!

And Ruby Hickman from 2nd Class put together this book review of her favourite book – Dogman.


This book is called Dogman. Why is he called dogman I hear you ask? Well a cat called Petze made a bomb. Cop Night and Greg the police dog tried to defuse the   bomb, but Cop Night forgot that dogs are colour blind, so he cut the wrong wire. When they reached the hospital Greg’s body was dying and cop Night’s head was dying. So, the nurse was nuts and suggested that they should sow Greg’s head onto Cops body.  That made the greatest Cop of all time, but… Petze was the best villain of all time.

Amazing Authors

This is a new initiative to encourage our pupils to contribute to our website during the current school closure. If you think you could be an ‘Amazing Author’, simply email me a recount of something you enjoyed doing in school. My email is

Our very first Amazing Author is Laura Dunne from 3rd Class who recalls a book review she did for her class as part of our World Book Day celebrations. Thank Laura!

Image result for ratburger

My name is Laura Dunne and I am in 3rd class.
During the year, I had to do a book review. I did a review of a David Walliams book called Ratburger.
I had to tell the school about my favourite book but I didn’t give away the ending!
Ratburger, is about a girl called Zoe who has a horrible stepmother called Sheila. Zoe has a cute little hamster called Gingernut but when she gets home from school one day, she finds Gingernut dead in his cage. 
When Zoe goes to bed one night – she finds a little rat in her bedroom. She names the rat Armitage and she finds out that Armitage can dance!   
That was the book review I did and I enjoyed it!.

Lily from Ms. Gleeson’s First Class sent me some photos of her project on Mexico. It looks like she really enjoyed learning all about Mexico! Well done on doing such a great job Lily.

Speech & Drama

Every Monday after school I do Speech and Drama classes with Ms. Healy, my teacher. I love doing it and I enjoy learning poems, reading and theory. But the one thing I find difficult is learning the theory and I have to spend longer learning this. I do it after school on a Tuesday. It’s really fun. After a while we get to do a picture based on our poem. And if we read a book we do a picture about that also. We do exams and I find this a nervous time for me. We have to read aloud our poems and readings. Finally when our exams are finished we get to do our own stuff and we get to bring our poems and pictures home. I hope to take part in dramas/shows when I’m in secondary school as I love acting and my mammy says I really good at it!!

If you join you will love it, it’s great fun.

Miss Healy is really good at speech and drama and I hope to see her soon.

I can’t wait to go back to school and see everyone again and that everyone will be happy.

By Aoife Mulcaire, 5th Class.

Delightful Valentine Surprises 

On the 14th of February fifth class went to the secondary school to make valentine cupcakes. But before that we met Ms. Collins and Ms O’Callaghan. After a chat, we were divided into two groups and were taken on a tour of the massive school. We popped into two of the first years and met some of the sixth-class girls from last year. Then we went to the science lab, the kitchen and then finally we reached the cookery room.   

We were split into groups of about 5 and the we were assigned a 5th/6th year student to help us. They were very helpful and kind. The first thing we did was observe the cookery teacher. She had prepared a chocolate biscuit cake and we sat mesmerized as she coated it in white chocolate and decorated it with sweets and red love hearts made from icing fondant. After that demonstration the teacher showed us how to bake the cupcakes. After a while, we had the task to bake them ourselves.

When we were all finished we washed up and we drizzled the cupcakes in white chocolate and put sweets on (but we mostly chucked on the chocolate!) when finished we chorused a big ‘thank you’. We had a great day.

By Anna Hickman ( 5th class )

Covid-19 Update

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On Monday our sixth class girls headed off to Kilkenny to take part in the Volleyball Ireland Regional Finals. This is the first year that the full rules of Volleyball were being implemented at primary school level. The blitz took place in the impressive venue that is The Watershed.

Volleyball in The Watershed

For the past number of weeks the 19 girls in sixth class had been training during lunchtime to prepare for this blitz. We had three teams taking part and each player enjoyed time on the court.

The Watershed was a busy venue on the day with schools travelling from Cappawhite, Fethard, Kilkenny City, Ballyneale and beyond.

In Pool C, our team came up against Ballyneale and Cappawhite in their first two games. Having been narrowly beaten in both the girls did wonderfully well to recover and record an impressive victory over St. Aidan’s NS Kilkenny B on a scoreline of 20 to 12. unfortunately it wasn’t enough to progress to the quarter finals but the girls did us proud.

Members of our Pool C team
Members of our Pool C team

Meanwhile in Pool A, the Pres Primary Team were off to a flying start. In their first game they beat St. Aidan’s Kilkenny A by 33 points to 23 over two sets. They then found their rythm and overcame Dunnamaggin NS by 48 points to 11 in a one sided encounter.

This meant that the girls topped their group and progressed to the knockout stages. First up were Ayle NS. This proved to be a tight game with Ayle getting an early foothold when the built a 5 point lead. However the girls turned it around in style and won on a scoreline of 20 points to 13 which left them one win away from securing a place in the All Ireland Finals in Limerick next month. Standing in their way were St. Aidan’s yet again.

Each game lasted 8 minutes and with 6 of those gone St. Aidan’s led by 2 points in a game that could have gone either way. The girls in wine however powered home yet again and won the final 11 points on offer and the game ended 20 points to 12 in favour of the mighty Pres!

These girls now head to the the Ireland Finals!

The day ended with a trip to McDonald’s for some well deserved lunch. A huge thank you to Ms. Nyhan, Ms. King and Ms. Avril Carroll who have helped coach and prepare the teams for this event. We now look forward to heading to Mary Immaculate College Limerick for the All Ireland Finals on Wednesday, 1st April. Well done all!