Star Pupils – November

This month the focus of our Star Pupil intiaive was Homeowrk. Each teacher encouraged the children to make a spexcial effort to iprove their homework in some little way this month.

Our recent changes to our homework policy have proven to be successful with children really putting in a marvelous effort for the three days of traditional homework and then really enjoying and excelling with the alternative homework. We believe this to be a nice balance and we hope parents rare enjoying the various challenges each Thursday evening.

Here are our Star Pupils for November. Next month our focus will be on ‘Positivity and Goodwill’. We will be encouraging children to take on any problems or challenges they face with a positive attitude that focuses on solutions and resilience. The Goodwill part of the award encourages children to share the festive happiness with all their class mates and share a smile and a compliment each day.

Junior Infants

Science Week 2020

This week the pupils is every class enjoyed all the fun that Science Week brings. There was design and build projects, chemical reactions and much more to see. In a era where Science and Technology skills are becoming more and more important in our lives, it was encouraging to see the interest and innovation on offer throughout the school.

Children made lava lamps using oil, water, food dye and effervescent tablets.
First Class designed and made catapults.
Junior Infants designed and made houses for the Three Little Pigs
This experiment investigated hand hygiene using a fair test
Kelly from Dublin Zoo visited Ms. Ryan’s class via Zoom.

Thanks to all our wonderful teachers who made Science Week 2020 so enjoyable and educational. Here are some great images of the week’s activities.