Week 3 Highlights

Our pupils certainly ended the Winter season with a Spring in their step this week! The quality of work has just been phenomenal – well done boys and girls (and mums and dads!!) Each and every photograph below will bring a smile to your face and we hope you enjoy this week’s highlights!

Junior Infants have been learning all about shapes
and made these wonderful Shape Pictures.
Who knew that school work could be so much fun?
Just look at those smiles!!
More amazing shape pictures from Junior Infants
Senior Infants were learning all about the Solar System this week.
They built rockets as part of this.
First Class were learning all about the farm.
Here’s my favourite photo of the week also – that annoying cat!!!
First Class artwork this week.
Second class actually made their own snow this week as part of Science – and then it really did snow!!
Kelly created this image having been given just a squiggle to start with.
Sixth Class art this week.
‘A View Through a Keyhole’

Well done boys and girls!! You are making us feel so proud. We look forward to seeing you this week at our Zoom meetings. This week Junior Infants enjoyed a Zoom call with their friends.

Ms. Ralph kindly created this lovely video of some of the great work done by First Class this week.

Finally here is a gallery of over 100 photos.

Week 2 Highlights

This week’s highlights include everything from yoga to Laundry Art, Rockets Ships to Snow Globes, Baking and even some home-made musical instruments.

The boys and girls have again done us proud and we are delighted to see you smiling your way through remote learning.

Here are this week’s highlights!

Junior Infants Rocketing to the top of this week’s list!
Ms. Bohan’s Boys working hard this week.
These Rockets are out of this world!
Cosmic Yoga in Junior Infants.
First Class Fish – literally!
First Class baked and cooked some yummy lunch!
Second Class played music and danced their way through week2!
Laundry Art from Ms. Walsh’s class.
This pearl was inspired by Vermeer!
Well done 6th Class.
First Class enjoyed a Zoom call together.

Here are over 100 photos of the week’s highlights.

Well done everyone. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!

RemoteLearning 2.0

Our second stint of Homeschooling is well and truly up and running at this stage and while we know our pupils all dearly miss their friends, their teachers and their school, they have not let this dampen their spirits or stop them from learning and showing off their wonderful talents.

We are delighted with how well our pupils (and parents!) have engaged with Seesaw since we closed. Here are some of the highlights which are proof that you, our pupils, are just amazing people! Well done and keep up the great work!

The boys from Seoidin working hard!
Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants have been learning all about the number 3!
Based on the story The Dot by Peter H Reynolds, the children created these dot pictures.
Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants were reading and learning about number 3 also!
More beautiful pictures inspired by The Dot from Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants.
Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants
First Class made these colourful creatures in Art Class.
More artists from Ms. Ralph’s First Class
Second Class did some Science based on how some fruits float or sink,
depending on whether you peel them or not!
More Science from Second Class and the fun game of Boggle was a real hit.
Second Class
Jack was working really hard with his Maths this week.

Well done everyone! I will update this blog as more photos arrive.

Here is a collection of all the photos above and more…

Stay Safe and we can’t wait to see you all back in the Presentation soon!

Online Enrolment

We would be delighted to welcome your child to Presentation Primary School.

Our Open and Enrolment Day usually takes place in January but this year we will have to postpone this event due to Covid-19. Instead we are inviting parents to enrol online and later in the year we will organise a day where parents and pupils can come and visit our school, meet their teacher and see their classroom. We are always available to meet prospective parents and pupils should you wish to visit our school once Covid restrictions are eased.

If you are interested in enrolling you can follow this link to enrol online.

If you have any questions or require support, you can contact me directly at principal@presprimarythurles.ie.

Home Schooling 2021

As we begin our second run at Distance Learning I want to wish all our families the very best for the coming weeks. The teachers and staff worked hard all week and throughout the weekend in preparation for Distance Learning and we thank them for their dedication and commitment to ensuring our children have a positive and beneficial experience over the next three weeks.

Distance Learning will require your support at home and we hope that it is not too stressful for anyone. Please only do what is possible for your family to do. We understand every family situation is different and we only want to help keep your child’s schooling alive during this closure. Contact us if you require any extra support or advice and we will gladly assist in any way we can.

We also ask that you check Seesaw and Aladdin each day for assigned work and announcements. In Aladdin, work will be assigned by some teachers in the Homework section.

Check out our website and social media platforms each Friday for some of the weeks highlights.

Good Luck! Stay Safe.