Science Week Workshop

Science Week was the 14th – 20th of November. We went to the local library, The Source, on Friday the 18th for a Science Workshop. When we arrived there were three women stood in front of clear boxes filled with wires, markers, lights, bulbs and more.

The three women were called Dr. Eleanor Walsh, a lecturer at Mary I, Maria who is a student at Mary I and Laura who was also a student from Mary I and a past pupil from our school. They introduced themselves and said ‘We don’t like to tell you what to do, we like when you try to figure it out on your own.’

First, we were given two wires with crocodile clips at either end, a small light bulb and a battery. We had to figure out how to light up the bulb. It was difficult at first but then we figured it out. I was so proud of myself. Then Eleanor explained how the circuit worked and the power travelled from the battery to the bulb to light it.

Next, we did something that was so incredibly fun. We made our very own light up cards. First, we chose what LED coloured bulb we wanted for our card. Then we were given a battery and copper adhesive tape. We had to make a circuit that would light up the card when it was touched. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing.

Written by Caroline Lyons-Quinlan 5th Class

Enjoying a Science workshop in The Source

On Wednesday and Thursday of Science Week we helped the Junior and Senior Infants make different types of rockets. We made our first rocket with two plastic bottles and lengths of string. The children designed the outside of their rocket first. Then, to make the rocket moved we threaded string through the bottles. In pairs, the infants pulled the string apart to move the bottles along the string. This causes a force called inertia.

The second rocket we designed was made from paper. We helped them roll the paper into a cone shape and used tape to secure it. They placed the rocket on the top of a straw and when you blow through the straw the rocket should fly. I enjoyed making the rockets because the infants were so nice.

Written by Sophie Tobin 5th Class

Garda Exhibition

On Friday the 18th of November 5th class walked to the library to see an interesting garda exhibition. When we arrived we walked through two tall, brown doors into a large room with around 30 chairs in the centre of the room. At the top of the room, there was a display of lots of different garda hats. Some hats were fragile as they were older than others so we had to be extra careful with them. Then we all took a seat and a guard named Declan Johnson told us about life as a guard. We asked him lots of questions at the end about his career.

Written by Aoife Ryan 5th Class

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