This week teachers are setting work that is a little different and hopefully you are having some fun trying it!

We are looking forward to see you (if only from a distance!) all on Tuesday next when you drop back the book rental books. Please gather up all the school books your teacher has asked for and bring them to school on Tuesday between 10am and 1pm.

Here are some of this weeks photos.

Jack was doing a science experiment on Sound
Faye and Quin built a tower!
Dean and Lauren enjoyed an ice cream soda – yum!
Samuel made butter.
Faye and Quin did a blind taste test.
Emma Jane went on a mini-beast hunt.
Karlo enjoyed the strawberries – but not the stinky cheese!
Ali and his sister were marking Ramadan together.
Cillian also tried the blindfold taste test.
Evie did one of the last pages in her Maths book – wohoo!
Sinéad was learning all about money.
This is Kayla’s taste test.

Finally I will leave you with this fabulous video which Sadie made for you. It is a wonderful insight into how turf is cut, saved, footed and gathered. This is an art that will soon become a thing of the past. Thanks Sadie for sharing this with us!

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