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Our very first Amazing Author is Laura Dunne from 3rd Class who recalls a book review she did for her class as part of our World Book Day celebrations. Thank Laura!

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My name is Laura Dunne and I am in 3rd class.
During the year, I had to do a book review. I did a review of a David Walliams book called Ratburger.
I had to tell the school about my favourite book but I didn’t give away the ending!
Ratburger, is about a girl called Zoe who has a horrible stepmother called Sheila. Zoe has a cute little hamster called Gingernut but when she gets home from school one day, she finds Gingernut dead in his cage. 
When Zoe goes to bed one night – she finds a little rat in her bedroom. She names the rat Armitage and she finds out that Armitage can dance!   
That was the book review I did and I enjoyed it!.

Lily from Ms. Gleeson’s First Class sent me some photos of her project on Mexico. It looks like she really enjoyed learning all about Mexico! Well done on doing such a great job Lily.

Speech & Drama

Every Monday after school I do Speech and Drama classes with Ms. Healy, my teacher. I love doing it and I enjoy learning poems, reading and theory. But the one thing I find difficult is learning the theory and I have to spend longer learning this. I do it after school on a Tuesday. It’s really fun. After a while we get to do a picture based on our poem. And if we read a book we do a picture about that also. We do exams and I find this a nervous time for me. We have to read aloud our poems and readings. Finally when our exams are finished we get to do our own stuff and we get to bring our poems and pictures home. I hope to take part in dramas/shows when I’m in secondary school as I love acting and my mammy says I really good at it!!

If you join you will love it, it’s great fun.

Miss Healy is really good at speech and drama and I hope to see her soon.

I can’t wait to go back to school and see everyone again and that everyone will be happy.

By Aoife Mulcaire, 5th Class.

Delightful Valentine Surprises 

On the 14th of February fifth class went to the secondary school to make valentine cupcakes. But before that we met Ms. Collins and Ms O’Callaghan. After a chat, we were divided into two groups and were taken on a tour of the massive school. We popped into two of the first years and met some of the sixth-class girls from last year. Then we went to the science lab, the kitchen and then finally we reached the cookery room.   

We were split into groups of about 5 and the we were assigned a 5th/6th year student to help us. They were very helpful and kind. The first thing we did was observe the cookery teacher. She had prepared a chocolate biscuit cake and we sat mesmerized as she coated it in white chocolate and decorated it with sweets and red love hearts made from icing fondant. After that demonstration the teacher showed us how to bake the cupcakes. After a while, we had the task to bake them ourselves.

When we were all finished we washed up and we drizzled the cupcakes in white chocolate and put sweets on (but we mostly chucked on the chocolate!) when finished we chorused a big ‘thank you’. We had a great day.

By Anna Hickman ( 5th class )

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