Brighter Days

Thankfully we are now well settled back into school routine and Term 3 has gotten off to a flying start. The brighter days have certainly lifted the spirits and the children are doing great.

The weather has been lovely and many of the classes have been enjoying working and playing outside. This week we opened our new seated area which is just amazing. We say a big thank you to our talented caretaker Kieran Britton who made the benches and prepared the area for us.

Here are some of the lovely images from this week.

Kieran with some pupils from 3rd and 4th class at the opening of our new seated area.
The third and fourth class girls made beautiful flowers from plastic bottles to decorate our new seated area.
First Class learned how to write a procedure.
To practice this they wrote about ‘How To Make Jelly’.
Finally they got to make the jelly….
…and eat the jelly…with ice-cream!!! yummy!
First Class enjoying art in the sunshine.
Junior Infants enjoying playing group games.
Junior Infants building using our Jaggo Blocks.
Junior Infants’ Tree of Kindness inspired by Kandinsky.
Junior Infants enjoying The Restaurant as part of Aistear this week.
The children sorted healthy and unhealthy foods,
went to McDonald’s drive through as part of small world play and made paly-doh pizzas.
4th & 5th Class were learning about electrical circuits.
3rd & 4th Class were doing gymnastics and put together a 4 part gymnastics sequence.
Junior Infants artwork.
Still Image Sketching & Painting
Ms. King’s Class sketched the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Chalk + Ice-pop + Friends = Smiles
The Restaurant was the Aistear theme this month in Infants.
Wouldn’t we all love a visit to a nice restaurant like this one!!

All of the images from this week are in our gallery below. We wish you all well and hope you and your family are keeping safe. We are nearing the end of this pandemic and we thank each and every one of our pupils, parents and staff for continuously striving to keep our pupils happy and safe during this time.

Happy Easter

Term two came to an end on Friday with chocolate smiles! The children enjoyed Easter Egg Hunts and a visit from our wonderful Parents’ Council chairperson Fiona, who delivered an egg to every child and a voucher for Bookworm to one lucky winner in each class.

Our thoughts on the day were also with our friends from Ms. Walsh’s class who unfortunately could not be in school with us. In fact they only managed 4 days in school since Christmas which we understand has been very difficult for them and their families. We can only hope that term three brings brighter days for all of us.

There are dozens of photos in the gallery below and here are some highlights from the week.

Fiona presenting a Bookworm voucher to the winner of the Easter Raffle in Ms. Ralph’s Class.
Ms. Bohan’s Class enjoying the rewards of their Easter Egg Hunt!
Ms. Bourke’s Class during Aistear this week lrearning all about the outdoors.
Ms. Sheridan’s Class made Chocolate Nests – yummy!
Ms. Ralph’s First Class on their Easter Egg Hunt.
Ms. Ryan’s Class devised their own clues and designed a very special Easter Egg Hunt for each other.
Ms. Ryan’s Class did Welly Planting this week and brightened up our school yard with these beautiful creations.
Sixth Class with some eggcellent designed eggs!
Artwork from around the school

We wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you all return to school on Monday, 12th April.

First Confession

Today our Second Class girls celebrated the Sacrament of First Confession with Fr. Jim and Fr. Gerry. The intimate service was live-streamed on YouTube so parents could share in this special event.

We thank Ms. Gleeson and Lorraine for all their hard work and effort to prepare the girls for this sacrament. We say well done to the girls for being so dedicated and thoughtful in their preparation for First Confession. We now look forward to First Holy Communion which we hope can take place sometime before the summer holidays.

Here are some images from today and you can watch the service back by following the link below..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today in school we celebrated our national holiday! Pupils brightened up the day by wearing the Irish colours and together we marched in a parade around our beautiful school grounds.

This week last year, schools around Ireland closed for the first lockdown. As the days and months passed, more and more events and occasions were postponed or cancelled. Our children have missed out on lots of happy occasions which previously we took for granted. Today, we were delighted to be able to bring a little joy to all our lives by marching as one school community to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is a video of the parade for you to enjoy.

Well done to all the staff and pupils who made a great effort to dress up and make our parade so special and memorable for all our children.

A Joyful Return

It was a joy to behold as pupils returned to school on Monday with smiles and balloons to welcome back our boys and girls from Junior Infants to Second Class.

Children skipped in the gate to meet their friends and teacher. While remote learning was fine, it cannot compare to face to face interactions and teaching. As the GAA slogan goes, nothing beats being there!

There was a spring in everyone’s step as pupils enjoyed learning all about the change of season recently. There was plenty of time spent outside in the fresh air also. Here are this week’s highlights!

Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants having fun with their friends
before having a Playdoh Disco!
Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants painting Spring Flowers.
Ms. Bourke’s Senior Infants out and about searching for Signs of Spring!
Ms. Ralph’s First Class exercising on the astro turf after a Spring Hunt.
Art in First Class
Ms. Walsh’s class created these amazing structures using tin foil
Ms. Ryan’s class were given a challenge to take a perspective photograph
which creates an optical illusion – I love this one!
As part of World Book Day, 6th Class recreated the cover of the favourite book.
Some Spring artwork sprung up around the school!

Well done to all the boys and girls who worked so hard this week, especially our senior girls who continue to remote learn for just one more week! We can’t wait to welcome you back on the 15th March!

We’re Back – Almost!

This week we were delighted to hear the news that schools will begin the process of re-opening from Monday next. While it is disappointing that our senior girls will have to wait for another two weeks, we know now that the end of remote learning is in sight for them too.

As we prepare to re-open, we are very aware that we must do everything we can to keep our children and staff safe over the coming weeks and months. This week parents will have received a copy of our school’s Covid Response Plan. This is the plan that we will follow to stay safe in school and we thank parents for their support with this.

Here is our plan again for anyone who didn’t see it.

And so to this week’s highlights! I have loved adding the weekly highlights over the past seven weeks and I thank the teachers, not only for sending me photos each week, but for their creativity and innovation in planning these lessons and activities.

Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants were learning all about the number 5!
More hard-working, happy pupils from Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants
Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants were also enjoying learning about the number 5.
Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants enjoyed experimenting with capacity.
The boys in Seoidín were thrilled to be back in school this week!
First Class were learning all about animals and, as a STEM challenge,
built an animal enclosure.
First Class
First Class were also learning about Garden Birds and built bird feeders.
Sixth Class created these very cool 3D hand art images.
Sixth Class also created a cartoon version of ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’ entitled
‘The Eating on the Turret Stairs’

Thank you to all our wonderful children who worked so hard over the past seven weeks. We love seeing your work here on our website. We wish our senior pupils the very best as the tackle Seesaw for just 10 more days! And we look forward to welcoming our junior pupils back to the Presentation on Monday morning!!! We can’t wait to see you all!!

Love is in the Air!

On a weekend when we take the opportunity to tell those around us how much we love them, the pupils of Presentation Primary School certainly showed off their love of art, science and fun! The week was made even more enjoyable when a blanket of snow brought out the inner child in all of us.

Here are this week’s highlights. At the end of this blog you will find a gallery of nearly 200 photos for you to enjoy.

This week we’ll start with some beautiful artwork from 6th class for the weekend that’s in it!
6th Class also learned all about the Titanic this week.
The snow brought smiles all-round.
Science and Snow in Second Class!
Junior Infants built boats this week
First Class built robots and showed them off at their Zoom meeting.
Name Art from Senior Infants
Sailing away in Junior Infants
Happy Valentine’s Day Junior Infants
More Name Art from Senior Infants
Senior Infants also created a Reading Den
The joy of reading!
Junior Infants Zoom Meeting

We hope you all have a love filled weekend and we look forward to our mid-term next Thursday and Friday.