FAI Futsal

Futsal Soccer

On the 7th of October 2019, 4th class took a trip outside the school grounds for an active and exiting day out. We went to Peak Villa Soccer grounds to play Futsal Soccer. It was a five a side non- competitive soccer tournament.

It was a fun but exhausting day. We played against three different schools and everybody played really well. As the day went on our skills in soccer improved greatly.

Thanks to Peak Villa for organising it and to Ms. Walsh and Avril for bringing us

Futsal Soccer 2019

Star Pupil Awards

This year we have introduced a new initiative which we hope will promote friendship, kindness, creativity and hard work. Each month we will focus on one aspect of school and reward pupils who are making a special effort in that area. The award will focus on improvement and effort primarily. This month the focus was ‘Kindness & Manners’ and here are the class winners of our first ever Star Pupil Awards.

Our Infant Star Pupils
Our 1st & 2nd Class Star Pupils
Our 3rd & 4th Class Star Pupils
Our 5th & 6th Class Star Pupils

Next Month we will be focusing on Homework and we hope the boys and girls can make a special effort with their homework each night. Homework should never be stressful and if it is. please come and talk to us. Homework is always work the pupils will be familiar with and so should be encouraged to work independently each evening.

Well done to the brilliant pupils who won this month’s awards. The kindness on show was wonderful to see.

Cross Country 2019

51 girls from Presentation Primary took part in today’s Tipperary Cross Country Championships in Thurles Crokes. Our school is classed as a major school and so ran in race 23 and 31.

Junior Cross Country Team

Our Junior Team were first to run. Due to a delay, the girls had a long wait before their race but stayed focused on the task in hand. After a walk around the course and a warm up with Mrs. Walsh, Ms. Bourke and Avril, the girls were all set. The 800m race was ran at a frantic pace but the girls in wine were well able. Lily and Priscilla finished in the top 10 and won individual medals which is a fantastic achievement. To top it off, Presentation Primary School won Team Silver! Well done to our 3rd and 4th class girls on a great race.

5th & 6th Class Ready to go!

Shortly after that the heavens opened and there was no hiding from the rain! Our senior team, guided by their teacher Ms. Healy, took their place at the starting line knowing that conditions would be very difficult underfoot. Luckily all 26 competitors managed to round the first corner without a fall and settled in for the 1Km circuit. Again two individual medals were secured as Eimear and Izzy finished strongly inside the top 10. And, not to be outdone, the senior team also managed a team medal winning Team Bronze.

Thanks to all who helped train and prepare the girls over the past few weeks in preparation for today. All the hard work paid off and you could only be proud of each girl who took to the start line today. Well done!

Incredible Edibles

Congratulations to our current second class pupils who were awarded a Silver Certificate for their work with the Incredible Edibles Programme.

Silver Certificate Winners

The class were given the challenge of learning all about fruit and vegetables and of growing their own crop from seeds. Using our raised planting beds, the pupils grew carrots, potatoes, turnips and more. They them submitted their project work to the Incredible Edibles team at Agri Aware and were awarded a Silver Certificate. Well done to Ms. Gleeson for guiding the children through this process, to Mrs. Ryan for organising a presentation at our weekly assembly and to the pupils for their hard work and dedication to the project.

That’s a wrap!

And so the curtain came down on another school year – and what a busy one it was!

Here are some of the highlights of the final few days .

We had a number of emotional farewells. We’ll start with the 26 First Class boys who bravely made the walk up the avenue as they departed for Scoil Ailbhe.

Bye Bye!

To the happy tune of Shotgun, and with a Guard of Honour from the entire school community, the boys smiled and waved as the left Presentation Primary School for the final time. We congratulate them on all that they achieved during their time with us. We thank their teachers Ms. King and Ms. Gleeson for their care and support of the boys, not just for this momentous journey, but for the whole year.

First Class Graduates 2019
The boys received certificates recognising their time in Presentation PS.

The next farewell was for Mrs. Monica Drohan who handed over her set of school keys which she so proudly held for the past 31 years.

We were delighted to celebrate Mrs. Drohan’s contribution and dedication to the Presentation at our End of Year Mass Ms. Everard and Mrs. Sheridan presented a book of memory patches to Mrs. Drohan. Each pupil in the school created a memory patch of which three were selected to be framed. We wish Monica and her family health and happiness in her retirement.

Presentation To Monica Drohan

We also said farewell to Kathleen Carroll, who again retired after 31 years service to education. Kathleen was presented with a handmade clay pot filled with flowers. The pot was made and painted by the pupils of the school.

Mary Ryan also handed back the keys to the Secretary’s Office after 19 years of hard work and dedication to the school. Loved by all, Mary will be missed from our school and we wish her every happiness.

Handing over the keys!

At our End-of-Year celebrations, Lorraine Taylor and Miss Ryan presented Mary with a book of portraits, one from each pupil in the school. Again three were selected to be framed.

Presentation To Mary

Our sixth class girls bid an emotional goodbye to our school at their Graduation Ceremony. Mrs. Healy presented the girls with a gift and encouraged the girls to always smile and to stick together. The parents council presented the girls with a class photo. The ceremony ended with the class singing ‘When I Grow Up’.

A new feature of our school week is our School Assemblies each Friday. Here we learn together about school life, the wider world and we celebrate our successes. At our final assembly we acknowledged the good attendance of our pupils. Four girls had the wonderful achievement of being present in school EVERY day this year. The girls received a certificate and a gift voucher for Bookworm.

Ten pupils were absent for only one day this year and they were also presented with a certificate recognising their good attendance. Well done guys!

At this assembly we also presented prizes to the winners of the Pentel Art Competition. Mrs. Sheridan, who organised the competition, presented the fabulous prizes to the well deserving artists!

Gold Award Winners

Silver Award Winners
Bronze Award Winners
Pentel Award

So that’s it for this year. Enjoy the summer holidays and we look forward to welcoming all our wonderful pupils, new and old, back to school on Wednesday, 28th August.

Sports Day 2019

Sports Day Fun!

The highlight of Active Week was our Sports Day. The children enjoyed a wonderful day of fun and activity. Each class took part in races, relays, water games, tug of war, team challenges, obstacle courses and more. There was also a surprise visit from an ice cream van organised by our terrific Parents’ Council.

Thanks Parents’ Council
Our 6th Class who played against the staff in a very entertaining basketball match

The day concluded with the staff challenging the 6th class girls to a basketball match in the Sports Complex. This was a very competitive game with the staff sneaking a hard earned victory on a scoreline of 13 points to 10.

Tug of War proved to be very popular.
Water Relay

Below is a gallery of over 100 photos for you to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who helped make today such a memorable and fun-filled day!

Active Week 2019

As part of our quest to be an Active Flag School, we are enjoying our annual Active Week this week. We have lots of active activities taking place across the next few days including orienteering, Crossfit, Dance, Basketball School League, Football Blitz and of course Sports Day on Friday. Each morning will start with a ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ workout and Dance.

We will be adding lots of photos of the events and we hope parents can join in too. Each night the pupils will have Active Homework instead of the regular homework. Please join in and be active with your child for 20 minutes each evening. The activity can be anything that you both enjoy and the pupils have a list of suggestions if you would like to try some of them. Have fun and thanks for joining in!