Happy Halloween

After a busy Maths Week, the children enjoyed a very ‘Fancy Dress Friday’ as we celebrated the Halloween Break. Ghouls and Goblins, Witches and Wizards, Minions and Marshmallows wandered through the school in a blaze of colour and smiles!

Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants
Third Class

The children really enjoyed the novility of leaving the uniform at home and expressing themselves in costumes, facepaint and wigs!

Second Class
Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants
Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants
Ms. Ryan’s class managed to take in a swimming lesson in Thurles Leisure Centre before transforming into Halloween characters!
Ms. Bourke’s Senior Infants

Our Parents’ Council organised an art competition to celebrate Halloween and on Friday, Chairperson Fiona Connors presented smashing prizes to the winning entrants. Well done to all the boys and girls who did some wonderful artwork for this competition and thank you to Fiona and all the Parents’ Council for organising the event.

Here are some of the winners being presented with their prizes.

Some of the winning artwork

We wish all our pupils and their families a very Happy and Safe Halloween. During the week Garda Dan Brennan spoke to the senior classes about keeping safe at Halloween and we encourage all our pupils to take care over the midterm.

Garda Dan Brennan talking to the children

Here are all the photos from Friday for you to enjoy!

September Smiles

Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants on a visit to the Convent Garden.

Thankfully the sun has been shining since our return to school and this has certainly helped us settle back in to school life. The pupils have enjoyed getting out and about as we observed the gentle changing of the seasons on our school grounds. The summer flowers are leaving and the autumn leaves are beginning to show.

Here are some pictures on Ms. Sheridan’s class enjoying some work back in the classroom.

Junior Infants are now well settled into life in the Presentation. The 44 Junior Infants happily join their line each morning and are working hard in the classroom each day. Here are some of the children busy in the classroom.

This week the Tipperary Star published the First Days at School supplement. Here are the photos of the Junior Infants which were sent to the paper, including photos of the 3 sets of twins who joined us this year.

Second Class are adjusting to life in the classroom without their friends who transferred to Scoil Ailbhe this year. This week the girls were enjoying board games and jigsaws. They also fed some horses, who graze nextdoor to the school, with some of the stranger looking carrots that grew in our vegetable patch this year. It looks like the horses enjoyed them!

Star Pupils

This month the boys and girls were making an extra special effort with their Maths as this was the focus of our Star Pupil Awards. The awards recognise those who excel in Maths as well as those who make great strides to improve in the subject. We are delighted to congratulate the following winners for this month!

Junior Infants
Junior Infants
Senior Infants

This month has also seen our lots of planting and environmental awareness work. This is part of our Green Flag Programme as we strive towards receiving the Biodiversity Flag. We say a big thank you to our Green Schools Committee which is led by Ms. Mary Everard and Ms. Laura Ralph. Part of the process is to design a poster with a slogan promoting biodiversity and care for our natural environment.

Pupils planting seeds and potted vegetables with Kieran
Our raised bed of vegetables
A collection of our Bug Hotels

This week’s Alternative Homework was to design and make a paper airplane. The children had great fun testing their planes against the rest of the class. Here are some photos of the Paper Airplane Competition!

Ready, Steady, FLY!
First Class learning about 3D shapes
We were delighted to see this amazing photo appear on the front page of the Tipperary Star this week!
Junior Infants making their own Pizza – Yummy!
Garda Dan Brennan visited the school this week to talk about Cyber Bullying with 5th and 6th Class
Senior Infants were learning about healthy foods and how different foods taste – the lemon got a mixed reaction!

We hope all our pupils and families enjoy the mid-term break. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday, 10th May as we enter the final half term of the year. Here are over 150 photos for you to enjoy.

Star Pupils – November

This month the focus of our Star Pupil intiaive was Homeowrk. Each teacher encouraged the children to make a spexcial effort to iprove their homework in some little way this month.

Our recent changes to our homework policy have proven to be successful with children really putting in a marvelous effort for the three days of traditional homework and then really enjoying and excelling with the alternative homework. We believe this to be a nice balance and we hope parents rare enjoying the various challenges each Thursday evening.

Here are our Star Pupils for November. Next month our focus will be on ‘Positivity and Goodwill’. We will be encouraging children to take on any problems or challenges they face with a positive attitude that focuses on solutions and resilience. The Goodwill part of the award encourages children to share the festive happiness with all their class mates and share a smile and a compliment each day.

Junior Infants

Re-Opening Our School

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays. Please find attached a letter outlining our plan for returning to school.

We are really looking forward to welcoming the boys and girls back to school and I hope this plan helps alleviate any concerns you may have. This plan may change, depending on advice from NPHET and the Department of Education but we will keep you updated of any changes.

Please take time to read this letter carefully. There is a lot in it but it is important that we all play our part in enabling the school to re-open in a safe and sustainable manner. We will explain all these details to the children when we return to school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at principal@presprimarythurles.ie or by phone on 083 0884122

If you want to read the guidelines if a different language please follow this.

Nearly There!

And so we near the finish line! There is only one week of hard work remaining and I can’t express how proud I am of all our boys and girls who have been working so well at home over the past number of weeks. It was great today to hear our Taoiseach speak of our country re-opening and we heard some lovely words of encouragement especially for the children of Ireland from Minister Simon Harris. I hope those words fill you with hope for a return to normality and we just can’t wait to see you all in September in our beautiful school.

Here is a sample of the photos that have been sent in this week. Well done on all this amazing work!

Some of our Sixth Class girls recreated this masterpiece – The Girl with the Pearl Earring.
Others were inspired by VanGogh’s Bedroom and painted their own room.
First Class enjoyed this science experiment – it’s worth trying!
Ciara has been busy this week!
Karlo was learning all about Ladybirds.
Evie enjoyed listening to Eric Carle’s story ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’
before she began working through her sounds book.
Faye had a very busy week baking, learning her sight words
and making a ladybird – well done Faye!
Tyler has this wonderful word wall to practice his tricky words.
This is Cillian’s ladybird.
Aoife wrote some super sentences about ladybirds
before creating her her Ladybird collage.
Hanna drew these geometric flowers – very cool!
Mya found this snail as part of the third class
Scavenger hunt.
Laura found these lovely flowers as part of the hunt.
This robin came to visit Mary for lunch!
Ellen drew this lovely picture of a ladybird.
This is Sinéad’s beautiful ladybird shape picture.
Bronagh has been keeping active by following guided dances
Nicole also enjoyed a guided dance.
Ali did great work this week too. – well done.
Saoirse was very creative this week designing a dress and making some Nature Art.

Well done again everyone – I may add more here later during the weekend so please continue to send them in.

June Update

As we enter the final month of this most challenging of school years. We can only be grateful for all that we have at this time and say thank you to everyone who has helped us locally and nationally through the past couple of months.

Before I share some recent photos with you, here are some updates on our current situation.

Teachers will continue to mark school work up until Friday, 12th June. We ask that everyone continues with the great work that has been done for these last few days. We assure you that the work is important and will stand to each child on their return to school next September.

Speaking of returning to school, we eagerly await an announcement from Minister for Education, Joe McHugh, which is due shortly in relation to how we will return to school in September. There are many theories, rumours and guesses as to what school will look like in September but we ask you to be patient and we will inform you of our decisions and plan once the government advise us on what is permissible. In the meantime, if you do have concerns please feel free to contact me via email at principal@presprimarythurles.ie. Rest assured that we will be doing everything in our power to have the children return to school as often as is allowed, in a manner where they feel safe, relaxed and a sense of normality.

Our plan for the week of June 15th to 19th is that teachers will plan and organise some fun activities. Again we encourage all parents to stay connected via Aladdin Connect and join in the fun!

We haven’t forgotten about a graduation ceremony either – we will be in touch once we have a clearer picture of what is appropriate following the June 8th Phase 2 re-opening.

End of Year Reports will be sent out as normal this year. These will be released via Aladdin Connect on Tuesday, 16th June. Anyone who wishes to have a paper copy can request one and collect it on June 23rd/24th.

Our final task will then be to gather the book rental books that the pupils are using at the moment and return to each of them their belongings from school. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 23rd and 24th June, we will arrange that all parents will return your child’s school books to the school and collect any final items, such as pencil cases, art work etc. We also hope to be in a position to hand out the GAA equipment which was purchased just before we closed.

Now that you are up to speed on all of that, here are some photos of the week gone by. First up some first class pupils who were on a materials hunt around the house!

Emma found something made of cotton.
Jack was also on the hunt for cotton!
Dean drew this lovely summer picture.
Jamie wrote a poem all about Summer based on the senses.
Odhran and his sister enjoyed some art and craft.
Michael was learning about birds and wrote about all the
birds in his garden before drawing a beautiful picture of them.
Emma Jane was using pegs to learn about partitioning in Maths.
Cillian drew this lovely summer flower!
Karlo has the head down and is working so hard – well done!
Julia wrote this lovely story all about summer.
Samuel has been doing lots of Science experiments.
Ruby made this lovely picture.
Tyler has been working hard with his sounds and writing.
Sinéad drew this butterfly.
Oliwia created this Nature Art – wow!
Zindy created these amazing Nature Art pictures!
Lauren created this ladybird.
Kayla made this ladybird.


Firstly I want to say a big, big thank you to all of you for coming to collect your books in school on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was great to see you and chat about what you have been up to at home with your family. I was delighted to hear that you enjoyed our video message (sorry to hear it made some of you cry!) The video has now been viewed over 2000 times and we hope you continue to enjoy it a few more times!

As we near the end of the month of May, I’m sure some of you are finding it more difficult to get stuck into the work. But now that you have your school books, we hope it will be easier. We have only 3 weeks of school work left so lets keep it going and finish strong!

Here are some of the images from the past week!

First up is a collections of photos from 3rd class who used nature to produce some stunning art! This is definitely worth a look so click and enjoy!

Next up are our Junior Infants. This week they have been learning all about partitioning in Maths, Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and about wild flowers.

Ellen’s Flowers
Michael’s Giant Sunflower!
Emma Jane’s version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.
Cillian working on his Maths
Michael partitioning the number 5
Evie did this wonderful writing!
Ellen was also partitioning the number 5
Ryan working so hard he is on his hands and knees!
Nicole listening to Emma reading.
Claire wrote this super report about Aidan O’Shea. Look at that handwriting – wow!
Caitlín created this Solar System which is just out of this world!
And this is the start of Rachel’s story about a time machine.
Again the handwriting is just fabulous – well done!
Mollie working on her online stories.

Thank you to all who sent in photos during the week.

Stay safe and feel free to scroll down for one more view of our video!