First Week Highlights

Our first full week back at school proved to be one of calm and contentment. All the pupils were thrilled to be back among their friends and even though new Covid-19 measures are in place, they made little difference to the daily running of the school.

It was wonderful to hear busy classrooms and laughter on the school yard after such a long time. Pupils settled into the new norms with ease and like many changes brought about by Covid-19, some have proved to be for the better.

One of the new initiatives in use this year in Presentation Primary is called Spellings For Me. This programme combines a spelling book and an online spellings programme which assesses where each child is at when it comes to spellings and then assigns them an individualised list of words to learn each week. The children then complete tasks online and in their book to build on their spelling ability.

Pupils from 5th class using our new spellings programme
Ms. Ryan’s class enjoyed some morning yoga on Friday.
Kieran using our new Fogging Machine.

Finally we say a huge thanks to our caretaker Kieran and our cleaners Joan and Fiona who are working hard every day to ensure our school is clean and Covid-Free!

Welcome Welcome

The first day back school is always special but it was even more special this year having re-opened after 167 days! Staff and pupils alike smiled from ear to ear as they reunited for a new school year.

It was also a very special day for our 34 Junior Infants who joined our school for the first time. Each of the boys and girls enjoyed their very first day of school and took the whole experience in their stride.

Throughout the school pupils reunited with their friends and were delighted to be back in the classroom.

The school was well prepared for this unique opening with every member of staff going above and beyond to ensure our pupils could enjoy school in a safe but cheerful manner.

Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants enjoying their first day.
Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants enjoying their first day.
Ms. Bourke’s Senior Infants enjoying their first day.
Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants enjoying their first day.
Ms. Ralph’s First Class enjoying their first day.
Ms. Walsh’s 3rd & 4th Class enjoying their first day.
Ms. Ryan’s 4th & 5th Class enjoying their first day.
Ms. Healy’s Sixth Class enjoying their first day.

Re-Opening Our School

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays. Please find attached a letter outlining our plan for returning to school.

We are really looking forward to welcoming the boys and girls back to school and I hope this plan helps alleviate any concerns you may have. This plan may change, depending on advice from NPHET and the Department of Education but we will keep you updated of any changes.

Please take time to read this letter carefully. There is a lot in it but it is important that we all play our part in enabling the school to re-open in a safe and sustainable manner. We will explain all these details to the children when we return to school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or by phone on 083 0884122

If you want to read the guidelines if a different language please follow this.

Sixth Class Graduation

The Class of 2020.

There was a palpable sense of relief in the school hall as the 6th class pupils of 2020 gathered for the first time since that infamous date of the 12th March! It was an achievement in its own right to be in a position to celebrate this graduation and everyone present was grateful for the opportunity to mark end of primary school for the 21 girls in the class.

A video of images and memories from the Class of 2020

Class teacher, Margaret Healy presented the girls with a little graduation cap that contained some important symbols – a Smartie to remind them that they are smart, bubbles to remind them to have fun, chewing gum to remind them to stick together, a star to remind them of their own star qualities and a smiley face to remind them to smile. The girls also received a jigsaw of a class photo – jigsaws are hugely popular in the class.

The Parents Council also presented the girls with a Class of 2020 hoodie which can be seen in the photos. We were delighted to be joined by Sr. Evelyn and Sr. Monica from the Presentation Convent. We remembered our late friend Sr. Mary Paul on the night also.

A trip down memory lane

And so after an historic, challenging and productive year, our 21 girls move on to pastures new and we wish them every success. As Mr. Healy said on the night – we hope they cherish the great memories they shared in the Presentation Primary and know that the door of their primary school is always open!

Graduation 1st Class

The Class of 2020!

A sense of normality prevailed as we welcomed back our first class boys to school today to mark their Graduation from Presentation Primary School. These 18 boys will now make the trip across town to join Scoil Ailbhe. The boys enjoyed a lovely morning together. They received their certificates, ate cake and ice-cream, played some socially distant soccer and then made the traditional walk up the Avenue to symbolise their departure to pastures new.


We wish them and their parents the very best and thank them for all they have given us during their time with us here in the Presentation. They will be greatly missed and we hope they cherish the memories of their first school.

The traditional ‘Walk up the Avenue’

Mr. Healy, Ms. Gleeson, Ms. Ryan and Lorraine all spoke to the boys in the hall and wished them well. Congratulations boys on your Graduation and go n-eirí an t-adh libh go léir.

Happy Holidays

We wish all our boys and girls, their parents and families, a very happy and safe summer holidays.

The past few months have been challenging but it also highlighted the great sense of team spirit, togetherness and friendship that exists here is the Presentation Primary. We look forward to welcoming you all back in September. Well done on all the school work completed at home over the past few weeks.

If you wish to contact us during the summer you can email us at, you can email me directly at or you can call the school mobile on 0830884122.

Happy Holidays!

Activity Week

This week teachers are setting work that is a little different and hopefully you are having some fun trying it!

We are looking forward to see you (if only from a distance!) all on Tuesday next when you drop back the book rental books. Please gather up all the school books your teacher has asked for and bring them to school on Tuesday between 10am and 1pm.

Here are some of this weeks photos.

Jack was doing a science experiment on Sound
Faye and Quin built a tower!
Dean and Lauren enjoyed an ice cream soda – yum!
Samuel made butter.
Faye and Quin did a blind taste test.
Emma Jane went on a mini-beast hunt.
Karlo enjoyed the strawberries – but not the stinky cheese!
Ali and his sister were marking Ramadan together.
Cillian also tried the blindfold taste test.
Evie did one of the last pages in her Maths book – wohoo!
Sinéad was learning all about money.
This is Kayla’s taste test.

Finally I will leave you with this fabulous video which Sadie made for you. It is a wonderful insight into how turf is cut, saved, footed and gathered. This is an art that will soon become a thing of the past. Thanks Sadie for sharing this with us!

Nearly There!

And so we near the finish line! There is only one week of hard work remaining and I can’t express how proud I am of all our boys and girls who have been working so well at home over the past number of weeks. It was great today to hear our Taoiseach speak of our country re-opening and we heard some lovely words of encouragement especially for the children of Ireland from Minister Simon Harris. I hope those words fill you with hope for a return to normality and we just can’t wait to see you all in September in our beautiful school.

Here is a sample of the photos that have been sent in this week. Well done on all this amazing work!

Some of our Sixth Class girls recreated this masterpiece – The Girl with the Pearl Earring.
Others were inspired by VanGogh’s Bedroom and painted their own room.
First Class enjoyed this science experiment – it’s worth trying!
Ciara has been busy this week!
Karlo was learning all about Ladybirds.
Evie enjoyed listening to Eric Carle’s story ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’
before she began working through her sounds book.
Faye had a very busy week baking, learning her sight words
and making a ladybird – well done Faye!
Tyler has this wonderful word wall to practice his tricky words.
This is Cillian’s ladybird.
Aoife wrote some super sentences about ladybirds
before creating her her Ladybird collage.
Hanna drew these geometric flowers – very cool!
Mya found this snail as part of the third class
Scavenger hunt.
Laura found these lovely flowers as part of the hunt.
This robin came to visit Mary for lunch!
Ellen drew this lovely picture of a ladybird.
This is Sinéad’s beautiful ladybird shape picture.
Bronagh has been keeping active by following guided dances
Nicole also enjoyed a guided dance.
Ali did great work this week too. – well done.
Saoirse was very creative this week designing a dress and making some Nature Art.

Well done again everyone – I may add more here later during the weekend so please continue to send them in.