All through the month of September, the girls from 3rd to 6th class have been running together in preparation for the Tipperary Cross Country Championship. Eventually 35 girls were selected to represent the school at the event in Thurles Crokes Athletic Field on Wednesday, 28th September.

The girls from 3rd and 4th calss had to complete a 800m course, while the senior classes ran a full kilometer (1000m).

And we’re off…

Our school competed in the Major and Large schools section which saw up to 100 children run in each race.

Team Pres!
Go team!

All that training and preparation definitely paid off as we scopped 3 individual medals and two team awards. Our 3rd and 4th class team won team bronze while the 5th and 6th class team won team silver. Considering that there was over 3500 children running and dozens of schools from all around the county, this was a wonderful achievement.

A special congratulations to Emma, Ellie and Rachel who won individual medals.

Congratulations girls!
The 3rd & 4th Class team who won Team Bronze
The 5th & 6th Class Team who won Team Silver on the day.

Here is a collection of photos from the day. Well done to every girl who bravely ran on the day. A sincere thanks to all the staff who helped prepare the girls for their races. Finally we say thanks to all the parents who joined us in Thurles Crokes and cheered the girls on throughout the day.

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