Our first full week back at school proved to be one of calm and contentment. All the pupils were thrilled to be back among their friends and even though new Covid-19 measures are in place, they made little difference to the daily running of the school.

It was wonderful to hear busy classrooms and laughter on the school yard after such a long time. Pupils settled into the new norms with ease and like many changes brought about by Covid-19, some have proved to be for the better.

One of the new initiatives in use this year in Presentation Primary is called Spellings For Me. This programme combines a spelling book and an online spellings programme which assesses where each child is at when it comes to spellings and then assigns them an individualised list of words to learn each week. The children then complete tasks online and in their book to build on their spelling ability.

Pupils from 5th class using our new spellings programme
Ms. Ryan’s class enjoyed some morning yoga on Friday.
Kieran using our new Fogging Machine.

Finally we say a huge thanks to our caretaker Kieran and our cleaners Joan and Fiona who are working hard every day to ensure our school is clean and Covid-Free!

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