Our school is very proud of the quality of teaching and learning that takes place and we make every effort to ensure we have the best resources in place to support our teachers and pupils.

At present government funding does not sufficiently support schools to purchase enough of these resources. Therefore if we do wish to have the best resources for our pupils, we need to fundraise.

This year fundraising is complicated by Covid-19 as we can no longer run our traditional cakes sales or bag-packing.

💥 So this year we are going online for our main fundraising event! 💥

The fundraiser will work as follows:

😎  We are asking people to post a photo of themselves in primary school on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Posts).

‍‍👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼  Please tag your old school friends, your relatives and the school so we all get to see you!

💲 In your post we ask that you include a link or reference to our Go Fund Me page. Here people can make a donation to this fundraising effort. The link is tricky but can be copied and shared from our social media posts. The link is http://gf.me/u/y386ti   Please note that Go Fund Me automatically adds a tip/fee of 10%, this is optional and can be changed.

✔ Parents can also donate through Aladdin Connect – we have set up an ePayments option called ‘Fundraiser 2020’ and here you can donate whatever amount you wish – every cent counts!

🎯  Our target is to collect €5000 and we hope you can help us achieve this. The money raised will be used to purchase Leveled Reading books which your children use every day (€1700) and one more ActivPanel (€3300) as seen in the photos below.

👍 We are hoping that every parent, grandparent, past pupils, local businesses and friends of the school will get involved by posting a picture and donating.

Win! – We have a couple of vouchers to give away and we will randomly select names from the list of those that donate. Note, you must donate to be in with a chance to win!

Our school makes every effort to keep costs low for parents. We have a book rental scheme and we do not ask for a voluntary contribution like other schools. So we are really hoping you can support us in as generous a way as you can and we thank you for doing so.

We look forward to having some fun along the way and hopefully you will enjoy sharing in the memories that an old school photo can ignite. We have some really fabulous photos from years gone by and we will share one old photo each day for the ten days we will be running this event.

  🚦 So here we go – Post a Photo – Tag some friends – Share the link – Donate!


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