Day 1 of Active Week was a busy one for the boys and girls in the Pres.

The main event was ‘The Giants Gallop’ which challenged the whole school to run a total distance of 300 Km – which we hoped to bring us all the way from Thurles to The Giant’s Causeway. This would mean that the children would have to work as a team to run over 900 laps of the hockey pitch!

Each class too it in turns to complete laps of the pitch and there was some determined running from all involved.

We say a big thank you to Ms. Bourke who organised this event.

As ever, the children amazed us with their efforts and easily reached their target. In fact a total of 436Km were completed by the boys and girls – well done!

Today’s second activity was Active Dance with Ms. Treacy in the hall. The children enjoyed moving to their favourite tunes and certainly got plenty of exercise! Thanks to Ms. Treacy for her creativity and hard work today!

Active Dance
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