And so the summer begins! It might be an unusual time in all our lives but the seasons continue to change and thankfully the weather has been very summer-like for the past few weeks. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and making the most of this time with your family.

Thank you for continuing to send in photos of you working at home over the past week. Keep them coming and enjoy seeing some familiar faces here on our blog.

Junior Infants have been learning all about Transport and 3D shapes this week and here are some of you photos.

Evie and her grandad Joe chatted about transport old and new.
And here is Evie’s writing – well done!
Emma Jane found 3D shapes all around her house.
Ali learned about all the different types of transport.
Lauren has been reading her favourite book.
Karlo built these futuristic forms of transport from lego!
And here is Karlo doing his worksheet.
Karlo built this dragon using lego also!
He’s been really busy!
Abbygayle Ryan drew this beautiful picture of all the types of transport.
Ruby used pasta to practice counting and sorting.
Ruby also drew this picture of old and new forms of transport.

Ms. Gleeson’s first class have been writing letters this week. They wrote letters to their teacher, their grandparents and friends.

Here is Emma posting one of those letters.
Emilija Kaleja drew this beautiful picture.
Marta Perkone drew these ‘Dandelions in the Grass’.

Here are pictures Ms. Gleeson received in response to a poem called ‘Time We Spring Cleaned the World’ which they learned as part of Poetry Day Ireland. They had to read it and draw a picture in response. 

Milly’s picture
Odhran’s response.
Valters colourful picture.
Jack Bourke’s thoughts on the poem.
Jamie’s response.
Julia’s thoughts…ha, ha!
Kristers’s drawing.
Emma’s World Washer

More to come…

Lolita drew this lovely picture.
And this was Lily Shorley’s response to the poem.
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