Our second stint of Homeschooling is well and truly up and running at this stage and while we know our pupils all dearly miss their friends, their teachers and their school, they have not let this dampen their spirits or stop them from learning and showing off their wonderful talents.

We are delighted with how well our pupils (and parents!) have engaged with Seesaw since we closed. Here are some of the highlights which are proof that you, our pupils, are just amazing people! Well done and keep up the great work!

The boys from Seoidin working hard!
Ms. Bohan’s Junior Infants have been learning all about the number 3!
Based on the story The Dot by Peter H Reynolds, the children created these dot pictures.
Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants were reading and learning about number 3 also!
More beautiful pictures inspired by The Dot from Ms. Ralph’s Junior Infants.
Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants
First Class made these colourful creatures in Art Class.
More artists from Ms. Ralph’s First Class
Second Class did some Science based on how some fruits float or sink,
depending on whether you peel them or not!
More Science from Second Class and the fun game of Boggle was a real hit.
Second Class
Jack was working really hard with his Maths this week.

Well done everyone! I will update this blog as more photos arrive.

Here is a collection of all the photos above and more…

Stay Safe and we can’t wait to see you all back in the Presentation soon!

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