Well done to all our pupils who are making such wonderful efforts to continue their learning at home. Here are some photos of the children’s work which is just amazing!

Thanks also to all the parents out there who are working so hard to help their children at this time! Remember we are here if you need us – but it looks like you are doing just fine!!

This Junk-Art piece was created by Lamisah in 5th Class
Paulina in 5th Class did this project on Great Britain.
Some of the amazing jigsaws completed by students in 6th class – 1000 pieces!!
Artwork created by a very talented Sarah Broderick – Wow!
Tiana Ryan created this Storyboard which
shows that she really is a Smartie!
Emily Gleeson made these Blueberry Muffins – Yummy!

And Ruby Hickman from 2nd Class put together this book review of her favourite book – Dogman.


This book is called Dogman. Why is he called dogman I hear you ask? Well a cat called Petze made a bomb. Cop Night and Greg the police dog tried to defuse the   bomb, but Cop Night forgot that dogs are colour blind, so he cut the wrong wire. When they reached the hospital Greg’s body was dying and cop Night’s head was dying. So, the nurse was nuts and suggested that they should sow Greg’s head onto Cops body.  That made the greatest Cop of all time, but… Petze was the best villain of all time.

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