As we enter the final month of this most challenging of school years. We can only be grateful for all that we have at this time and say thank you to everyone who has helped us locally and nationally through the past couple of months.

Before I share some recent photos with you, here are some updates on our current situation.

Teachers will continue to mark school work up until Friday, 12th June. We ask that everyone continues with the great work that has been done for these last few days. We assure you that the work is important and will stand to each child on their return to school next September.

Speaking of returning to school, we eagerly await an announcement from Minister for Education, Joe McHugh, which is due shortly in relation to how we will return to school in September. There are many theories, rumours and guesses as to what school will look like in September but we ask you to be patient and we will inform you of our decisions and plan once the government advise us on what is permissible. In the meantime, if you do have concerns please feel free to contact me via email at Rest assured that we will be doing everything in our power to have the children return to school as often as is allowed, in a manner where they feel safe, relaxed and a sense of normality.

Our plan for the week of June 15th to 19th is that teachers will plan and organise some fun activities. Again we encourage all parents to stay connected via Aladdin Connect and join in the fun!

We haven’t forgotten about a graduation ceremony either – we will be in touch once we have a clearer picture of what is appropriate following the June 8th Phase 2 re-opening.

End of Year Reports will be sent out as normal this year. These will be released via Aladdin Connect on Tuesday, 16th June. Anyone who wishes to have a paper copy can request one and collect it on June 23rd/24th.

Our final task will then be to gather the book rental books that the pupils are using at the moment and return to each of them their belongings from school. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 23rd and 24th June, we will arrange that all parents will return your child’s school books to the school and collect any final items, such as pencil cases, art work etc. We also hope to be in a position to hand out the GAA equipment which was purchased just before we closed.

Now that you are up to speed on all of that, here are some photos of the week gone by. First up some first class pupils who were on a materials hunt around the house!

Emma found something made of cotton.
Jack was also on the hunt for cotton!
Dean drew this lovely summer picture.
Jamie wrote a poem all about Summer based on the senses.
Odhran and his sister enjoyed some art and craft.
Michael was learning about birds and wrote about all the
birds in his garden before drawing a beautiful picture of them.
Emma Jane was using pegs to learn about partitioning in Maths.
Cillian drew this lovely summer flower!
Karlo has the head down and is working so hard – well done!
Julia wrote this lovely story all about summer.
Samuel has been doing lots of Science experiments.
Ruby made this lovely picture.
Tyler has been working hard with his sounds and writing.
Sinéad drew this butterfly.
Oliwia created this Nature Art – wow!
Zindy created these amazing Nature Art pictures!
Lauren created this ladybird.
Kayla made this ladybird.
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