Our Basketball teams had a superb day in the Presentation Sports Complex on Monady last as they took part in the annual Margaret Curran Cup.

This tournament is now in its fourth year and had been won by Littleton for the past three years. This year also marked the 10th Anniversary of Margaret Curran, a colleague and friend to us here in the Pres. Margaret loved basketball and this tournament is organized in her honour.

We had two teams playing in the tournament, the Presentation Pythons and Presentation Panthers.

Presentatipn Pythons
Presentation Panthers

The Panthers recorded wins over Littelton, Two Mile Borris and St. Joseph’s Templemore to reach the Cup final.

The Pythons beat both teams from Scoil Angela Ursuline and Golden NS to also reach the Cup Final.

In front of a vocal and enthusiastic crowd the Panthers and Pythons did battle. In the end the Pythons came out on top and won the Margaret Curran Cup for the first time for our school.

This was a very special day and one that the girls will remember for as a great day in their primary school lives.

Margaret’s husband Ger and son Jack were there to make the presentation to the winning teams.

Many thanks to Ms. Nyhan and Martin Hehir for coordinating the matches and organizing the event, to Marie Collins who refereed and to Eva and Jamie who kept score.

Finally we thank Ms. Mary Bowe, Ms. Karen Bohan, Ms Noelle Nyhan and Ms. Ciara Fanning for coaching the girls for the past number of weeks.

Congratulation Girls! Pres abú!

Cup Final Winners
Cup Finalists

The final results were as follows:

Plate Final Winners – Littleton

Bronze Medal Winners – Scoil Angela Huskies

Silver Medal Winners – Presentation Panthers

Cup Final Winners – Presentation Panthers.

The Margaret Curran Tournament

On Monday, the 29th of May, everyone that was training for basketball went to the Presentation Sports Hall to participate in the Margaret Curran Cup. The first games were Pres Panthers v Two Mile Borris on court 1 and and Pres Pythons v Golden N.S on court 2. The Pres Panthers won against Two Mile Borris by 3 baskets and the Pres Pythons won against Golden by 8 baskets. Both Presentation teams were victorious.

After those matches, the Pres Pythons had a break while the Pres Panthers had a victory over Scoil Angela. The Pythons then played Littleton N.S. who were the cup champions for the previous three years. Tensions were high facing but luckily the Pythons were victorious. Scoil Angela Huskies, Templemore, Pres Panthers and Pres Pythons qualified for the semi-finals. The atmosphere in the sports hall was very tense but thankfully both Pres teams won AGAIN!

For the first time in 3 years, it was an all Pres final. The Pythons v The Panthers. It was a very close and competitive game however the pythons opened the lead in the third quarter before finishing with a score line of 14 – 2. The score didn’t really matter though because Presentation would be taking the Margaret Curran Cup home to our school for the first time. Templemore placed 4th, Scoil Angela Huskies placed 3rd while the Pres Panthers took second place and the Pres Pythons placed first. It was such a fun and enjoyable day and to top it all off we had no homework for representing our school with such pride.

Written by Anastasia Vlasenko and Aoibhinn Ryan – 5th class

The Margaret Curran Tournament

On the 29th of May 2023, the 4th Annual Margaret Curran Tournament was held to honour Margaret Curran, a former Presentation Teacher. We entered two teams – The Pres Panthers and The Pres Pythons. We were on the Pres Panthers. Our first match was against Two Mile Borris. The game started off with Rachel, Caroline, Aoife, Maja W and Emma as the starting team. We were all so nervous but then Rachel scored a basket and the baskets kept on coming. At the end of the game the score was 8 – 0 to us.

We played Littleton next and they were the reigning 3 time champions. We had a couple free shots and Caroline scored her two free shots. We won that game 8 – 2. Next we played Templemore which was a competitive game but we had great luck and won. We were into the FINAL!

We were so happy as it was an all Pres final. Panthers vs Pythons. Unfortunately, the Pythons won but it was a great final and we were so happy for the other team and we came second which was a huge achievement.

Written by Rachel Fitzgibbon and Caroline Quinlan – 5th Class

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