Last week we celebrated Maths Week. The children enjoyed a different Maths challenge each day. I must say a huge thank you to our wonderful team here in the Presentation who worked so hard all week to bring Maths to life in a fun and interactive way.

Pupils also enjoyed Maths Trails, Bingo and a Maths Quiz. We hope the week helped the boys and girls to see Maths in a fun and real way. Perhaps at home you can ask your child to use their Maths Eyes to see numbers, shapes, times and measure all around your home.

Here are some of the highlights from Maths Week!

5th Class teamed up with Junior Infants for a Maths Trail.
Measuring and Mixing Magic Potions in 5th Class
Some winners of our daily Maths Challenge!
Weighing and measuring for some Baking!
Winners of our Senior Maths Quiz
Maths Puzzles in 4th Class
How heavy? Pass the Pumpkin!
Bingo Buddies
Interactive Maths Games
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