Ms. Sheridan’s Senior Infants on a visit to the Convent Garden.

Thankfully the sun has been shining since our return to school and this has certainly helped us settle back in to school life. The pupils have enjoyed getting out and about as we observed the gentle changing of the seasons on our school grounds. The summer flowers are leaving and the autumn leaves are beginning to show.

Here are some pictures on Ms. Sheridan’s class enjoying some work back in the classroom.

Junior Infants are now well settled into life in the Presentation. The 44 Junior Infants happily join their line each morning and are working hard in the classroom each day. Here are some of the children busy in the classroom.

This week the Tipperary Star published the First Days at School supplement. Here are the photos of the Junior Infants which were sent to the paper, including photos of the 3 sets of twins who joined us this year.

Second Class are adjusting to life in the classroom without their friends who transferred to Scoil Ailbhe this year. This week the girls were enjoying board games and jigsaws. They also fed some horses, who graze nextdoor to the school, with some of the stranger looking carrots that grew in our vegetable patch this year. It looks like the horses enjoyed them!

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