This year we have introduced a new initiative which we hope will promote friendship, kindness, creativity and hard work. Each month we will focus on one aspect of school and reward pupils who are making a special effort in that area. The award will focus on improvement and effort primarily. This month the focus was ‘Kindness & Manners’ and here are the class winners of our first ever Star Pupil Awards.

Our Infant Star Pupils
Our 1st & 2nd Class Star Pupils
Our 3rd & 4th Class Star Pupils
Our 5th & 6th Class Star Pupils

Next Month we will be focusing on Homework and we hope the boys and girls can make a special effort with their homework each night. Homework should never be stressful and if it is. please come and talk to us. Homework is always work the pupils will be familiar with and so should be encouraged to work independently each evening.

Well done to the brilliant pupils who won this month’s awards. The kindness on show was wonderful to see.

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