Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths has fast become one of the most important subject we teach in our schools nationally. Last week we celebrated STEM Week where the children got to experience some STEM activities in a fun and meaningful way.

Nature Art

On Monday, each class used their mathematical abilities to estimate how many conkers or money was in a jar. There were some great guesses and plenty of winners from each class.

The stressful cup challenge!!

On Tuesday each class went around our school grounds on a STEM trail. These treasure hunts are great to encourage children to look at STEM all around us.

STEM Trail

Wednesday provided the child with an opportunity to work in pairs or as a group to complete an engineering task. The junior class had to build a tower using paper cups. The highest tower, which could hold a figurine at the top, was crowned the winner. In the senior classes, children had to build the longest paper chin possible using just one A4 sheet of paper.

Paper Chain Challenge

On Thursday the junior classes enjoyed BINGO while the senior classes took part in a STEM Table Quiz. This was a fantastic week of variety and challenge and we thank Ms. Paula Ralph for coordinating the week. Well done to all the children and staff who helped make STEM Week 2023 so enjoyable.

Engineers of the Future!
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