This week was very special for us in the Presentation Primary School as we raised our Amber Flag.

The Pieta Amber Flag initiative recognises our efforts to create a healthy and inclusive environment that supports mental well-being.

The Well-being Committee

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this flag as we understand the importance of maintaining positive well-being and we endeavour to instill positive attitudes and to teach the children about well-being. We understand the important role well-being plays in creating a positive, happy and healthy environment where children can reach their full potential.

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” our whole school collaborative art display led by our Well-being committee.

This award would not have been possible without the help of the Well-being committee along with their teachers Ms.Kennedy, Ms. Walsh and Ms. Nyhan who coordinated a fabulous Rainbow Week last year. During Rainbow Week the children enjoyed meditation, yoga, nature walks and of course Rainbow Day.

The Amber flag was raised while the students and staff sung “Count on me” by Bruno Mars. Following the raising of the Amber flag the Well-being committee rewarded the students and staff to some yummy hot chocolate and delicious cookies to round up a wonderful day.

Hot chocolate and cookies with friends
Some of our Well-being committee
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